FIFINE AMPLIGAME H6 USB Gaming Headset For PC, Mac, PS4/5 With 24-BIT, RGB, In-Line Controls Of 7.1, EQ Modes, Volume & Mute

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  • [Immersive Sound] Thanks to virtual 7.1 surround sound from the PC game headset, you have the edge on game players. Gaming you was able to hear steps or gunshot to early react, and even know your opponents are walking on land or water. PS4 headset gives you spatial bass sound hearing. The wired over-ear headphones immerse yourself into game world.
  • [In-Line Control] Three EQ modes give you presence in different scenes. Putting on Fifine AmpliGame headset, you can experience phenomenal sound for gaming, vivid listening for music concerts or immersive side for occasional movie watching. Volume button controller and mic quick mute with icon on the PC headset, you would not lose yourself when adjust the chat or game audio.
  • [Smooth Communication] Talking with teammates while online game, gaming headset with microphone helps your team further to win. Omni-directional mic delivers crisp voice and full sound quality without stuttering. The gaming headphones with microphone makes you sound like gaming in the room with your teammates. It is also easily to pull off the detachable mic when you have some snacks.
  • [Soft to Wear] Comfortable and lightweight headband and auricular earmuffs cushion pressure on your head and ears, also for noise canceling. Enjoy game sessions with the PC headset for computer, no much pain feeling, even if a glasses wearer. You can stretch the headband to adjust fitness. The PC headphones wired would not pinch your ears or hair.
  • [RGB Headset] Featured with flowing colorful RGB, the black gaming PS5 headset for PC complements your desktop setup accessories design. The RGB headset shows vivid and brilliant lights in dim aura, which completes your LED RGB fantasy. The moderate lighting, stylish and appealing, is a cool addition when video recording and live streaming scenes.
  • [Friendly Use] The USB headset with microphone for PC compatible with computers, Mac, PS4/5 console, gives a plug-and-play use and monitor. No need device middleman, it is ideal for home gamer. With braid material, cable on the USB headphones would not crack or wear down over time. You will not be limited by the PC tower due to sufficient cable length.

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Be A Pair of Good Headphone in the First Place

You need a decent amount of highs to hear all the footsteps but without all the sibilance. The tighter bass can make powerful gunshots sound much more punchy. The voice of your squad members is most comfortable to your ears when the audio is neutrally reproduced. With all these put together, doesn’t it resemble something else?

Yes, we made the FIFINE H6 headset out of the standard of a pair of good budget headphones, but colored it towards the joyful-to-hear V-shaped sound and fitted it with RGB for style and the microphone and the USB connector for convenience.

Headset Mic Sucks? Not in This

Literally, it is still a headset, so the microphone can not be missed. To keep in the line with the neutral output, the mic is also tweaked towards the mid-ends to pick up the most natural voice.

It is nowhere near the two common types of headset mics: one is over-boosting the highs to make the audio clipping and harsh, and the other with the overwhelming bass sounds like underwater.

The mic itself is not just detachable, but most importantly is flexible. You can fiddle with the position to cover the drawback of thin and detailless sounding rather well.

With the metal construction, thick ear cups and headband, RGB lights on each side, a mic, an on-cable control unit and an interference isolator, heavy should be the first word that springs to your mind immediately. 

On paper, its 320g takes no advantage over the strip-down lightweight ones. But it is not the case of sacrificing comfort for performance. The headband is not just made of metal, but more importantly is wider than the normal ones, both of which give a better weight distribution and provide just the right amount of clamping force to stay firmly in place. 

With the thick and dense padding, the ear cups are able to hold up the rest of the weight evenly and nicely. The headband and cushions are wrapped in leatherette that is even more breathable than some fabric foam ones. So that you can play for a few hours without feeling fatigued.

The sound of adjusting the size is rather tempting, who doesn’t want a headphone that sounds like reloading a machine gun. There are little bits at the end of each headband sticking out, which not only give extra help to stabilize the headphone but also allows you to adjust the size with just one hand!


USB is still the Party-piece in the Headset World

Despite the incompatibility with Xbox console, the USB connection is actually a better choice for PC gamers or even mobile users. Because the motherboard will no longer have to do the audio processing job, which will incur much less electric noises and result in a much cleaner reproduced voice. With a proper USB adapter, you can also use it to improve the audio of your mobile game.

7.1 Surround Sound

Whether the 7.1 surround sound is marketing BS or not, you will definitely say yes to this feature if it comes as a standard. And there it is on the FIFINE H6 headset! Whether you can hear your enemies before they hear you or not when enabling the surround sound. All the more useful benefit it provides is that even with the closed-back design, you are not feeling like you are closed in, but feel like your audio is slightly expanded.

EQ Mode Switch

It is also fun to play with, you can switch among three modes: game, music and movie. In plain, the headphone audio becomes bass-heavy when the game mode is on, focuses more on the highs if the music mode is chosen and gets balanced when switching to movie. But the scenarios are not set in stone, you can apply them all into the game. Increase the positioning awareness in CSGO even further in music mode, and immerse yourself more into the car soundtrack of Forza Horizon 5 in movie mode.



Weight 1 kg

White, Black


Output Connection USB Type-A
Headset Weight 330g (with microphone)
Headset Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Headset Bit Depth 16-bit/24-bit
Headset Sample Rate 48kHz
Headset Driver 50mm dynamic
Power Consumption USB 5V power
Microphone Type Condenser
Polar Pattern Omni-directional
Microphone Sensitivity -40±3dB
Shipping Weight 0.6 kg

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